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Joytale Double Hook Long Training Leash with Removable Padded Handle

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  • SEPARABLE PADDED HANDLE - The grip of this long line dog leash is neoprene padded which is soft and it can get your hand away from burning while training, playing or puppy gets a bit too excited and pulls. The handle is separate and able to be clipped on as needed
  • MUTIL PURPOSE - With handle, this leash is an ideal training leash for dog trainers; To remove the handle it is a good dog tie out cable as dog tether that you can easily tether one side to a post, tree, stake. The 15/30/50/65-foot length of the leash provide ample space for dogs to explore and play. Joytale long leash is perfect for dog playing in the backyard, outdoor hiking, camping, training, hunting, beach, recall training, outside play with balls, and swimming
  • HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE CLIPS - Both the hooks of the long lead leash for dog training is made of alloy steel and it’s rust resistant and durable. Safety lock feature has instilled a great sense of security for pet owners during hikes in more challenging terrains where a secure leash attachment is crucial for our dogs' safety,especially for a big or boisterous dog
  • PREMUIM CLIMBING ROPE - This long leash for dog training is created by sturdy climbing rope. This material is strong and abrasion resistant, making it an excellent material for training leash for medium and large dogs that pull. Both of the snap of this extra long leash for dogs outside is swivel-style, which is twisted resistant
  • VIBRANT COLOR AND REFLECTIVE FUNCTION- The vibrant color of the long leash for dogs outside stands out, which is not just visually appealing but also significantly enhances safety by ensuring the leash remains highly visible. We also added reflective stitching around the long leash for dog training to make sure your dog is visible in varied terrains and during low-light conditions, providing peace of mind that our puppy is always within sight and safe

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Joytale Double Hook Long Training Leash with Removable Padded Handle

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