1. Where do we ship from? Delivery time?

Ship from United States. Usually delivery within 3-5 weekdays.

2. Which payment options are supported?

  • PayPal

More payment methods will be available soon.

3. How to get a wholesale account?

Please contact us and send a wholesale request.

4. How to prove the quality of the product is up to standard?

All qualified products will be affixed with the JOYTALE brand label, and non-qualified products will NOT have labels, and will NOT be boxed for shipment.

5. What if not satisfied with the product after purchasing?

Within 30 days of receipt, enjoy an unconditional return policy. Please contact customer service for processing.

6. Are the products safe? Does it affect your pet's health?

All products will go through multiple sterilization processes before leaving the factory to ensure the absolute safety of the products.

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