Ambassador Benefits

Ambassador Benefits

Free trial - The first time to get the internal test access to new products.

Promote Rewards - The higher the influence and engagement, the higher the rewards.

Exclusive Offers - Enjoy limited discounts and get early access to the latest products.

Platform Support - JOYTALE assists in promotion activities to increase exposure and influence.

Official Spokesperson - Have the opportunity to become the first official spokesperson.

2023 JOYTALE Ambassador Plan

Recruitment Conditions

  • A TikTok, INS, YouTuBe celebrity who loves dogs and is passionate about pet products.

  • Have a high fan base and activity, and have a real and influential fan group.

  • With frequently updated content, the ability to continuously create original content on pets, dogs, and other related topics.

  • Be able to maintain a good cooperative relationship with JOYTALE and be willing to actively participate in product promotion activities.

  • Possess a good moral character and image that is in line with JOYTALE's values.


Whether you are a celebrity with millions of fans or a rookie who is struggling, we welcome you to join us. We believe that through your influence and creativity, our products can enter more people's lives and bring happiness and comfort to their pets. Join us now, let's work together for the happiness of pets and bring more joy and touch to pet owners! Send your application along with your profile and social media links, and we look forward to working with you to create brilliance in pet product promotion!

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Lisa & Luna

Ben & Charlie

Amy & Meg