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Intelligent pet feeder allows for interactive and fixed-point feeding at any time-5L

  • Brand: JOYTALE
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Specification & Feature

Appearance: Transparent grain barrel + white base
Capacity: 5L
Number of feeding days: 2.6KG (about 25 days)
Material: food-grade ABS material
Food: 2-12mm in diameter
Recording function: supports recording multiple recordings
Voice interaction: Built-in high-definition speaker, you can interact with your pet remotely
Real-time video: 2 million high-definition pixels 1920*1080, super wide angle, you can see the food plate clearly
APP: Be loved, support multi-account sharing
Distribution network: Bluetooth+wifi
Applicable food types: dry food, freeze-dried food, Duopin dry food
Anti-grain jam monitoring: infrared sensor
Surplus grain monitoring: infrared sensor
Mobile phone remote feeding: mobile phone control, manual feeding, 1-6 portions can be selected each time, instant feeding
Feeding settings: timed feeding, up to 20 portions each time, 8gÂą2g per portion
Worry-free during power outages: Backup battery design ensures continuous food supply even when the network or power supply is cut off
Real-time sharing: This can be shared on social platforms such as QQ. WeChat
Motor: High-quality motor, service life is 2000 hours, rated voltage 5V
Dual power supply system: power adapter priority/3 AA batteries
Desiccant: Replace every 30 days
Standby power consumption: 5V/2A, 0.6W
Product size: 20*33.5*35cm
Net weight: 1.68KG

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Intelligent pet feeder allows for interactive and fixed-point feeding at any time-5L

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300,000+ Pet Lovers Are Recording "JOY TALE"

In a pet's world, you are its world.

In its short life, all the joys and sorrows are related to you.

May "JOY TALE" will last forever.

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