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VitalVoyage™ Elevated Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

  • Brand: JOYTALE
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Specification & Feature

Original Dimension
10" W × 17" L × 3" H
Adjustable Height
8" / 9.8" / 11.4"
Bowl Stand Material
Bowl Dimension
7.5" × 7.5" × 3"
Bowl Capacity
1.4L food + 1.6L water
Bowl Material
1.5 kg
  • ABS PLASTIC: The bowl stand is made of ABS plastic, sturdy and durable.

  • 3 HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The height of the bowl stand can be adjusted in 3 sections, suitable for different dogs.

  • SLOW FEEDER BOWL & NO-SPILL WATER BOWL: The bowl stand comes with a slow feeder bowl and a no spill water bowl, slow feeder helps develop good eating habits in dogs.

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VitalVoyage™ Elevated Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

Slow Feeder Bowl: A Revolution in Pet Eating

Revolutionize the way your pets eat with JOYTALE's innovative slow feeder bowl. Say goodbye to worrying about your pet's eating problems with this revolutionary product that took a year of design and development to perfect.

Slow feeder bowl is designed to reduce the burden on your pet's stomach, promoting healthy eating habits and preventing digestive issues. With its multi-height adjustable feature, it's suitable for pets of all sizes, making mealtime enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Experience the benefits of this subversive product and transform the way your pets eat. And witness the difference it can make in your pet's life.

Reduce Strain on Spine

Reduce Strain on Spine

The height of the bowl stand can be adjusted in various ways, which can effectively correct the eating posture and reduce the pressure on the spine.

Improve Digestion and Absorption

Improve Digestion and Absorption

The design of the slow feeder bowl ensures that each meal takes 20+ minutes, thus reducing the burden on the stomach.

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May "JOY TALE" will last forever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
great service

Bought this bowl for my puppy, but it didn't seem to be suitable for slow food, then I contacted customer service and they sent me a matching stainless steel bowl for free, great service!

Perfect height

It’s the perfect height for my german shepherd! Very sturdy and it does a great job catching the water in that little compartment.

Dog Approves

My pup likes this bowl as do I. No more messes. Its even easy to travel with. Cleans up nice no issues there. I like the floating thing in the water. My pup would make large mess before. Now its just what drips off her mouth.

Love the item and Great Customer Service

Firstly I wanted to just share how great I felt customer service was. Sarah was so kind and helpful. Also she followed up making sure all was ok. At first was confused how to make legs longer but once I figured it out it was conpletely fine. It's very sturdy and also love how I have another dog food container with cover that fits inside this one so I can just refrigerate it after if I need to.

Purchased for Golden Retriever

My Golden Retriever is getting older and was laying down to eat. Bought this and know it is the perfect hight for him. Very light weight so we have ours against a wall to make sure it would get knocked over.

Good one

I like this product reason is my dog like to play with her water bowl, she get wet around the area she is eating, so decided to use it. Nice work with her, no more playing with water. Dog Bowls 4 Heights Adjustable, Elevated Dog Bowls Stand with Slow Feeder Dog Bowl & No Spill Dog Water Bowl, Non-Skid No Shaking Dog Food Bowl for Large Medium Small Dogs