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PawFusion™ Long Dog Leash

  • Brand: JOYTALE
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Specification & Feature

Leash Length 16 ft / 32 ft / 48 ft / 64 ft
Leash Width 0.6"
Leash Material PVC
Clasp Material Metal
Weight 0.3 ~ 1 kg


  • ROBUST MESH PVC: The PVC is super material to create long dog leashes. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and smell-free, without loss of flexibility. The weak of this leash is that it is NOT CHEW-PROOF.

  • HEAVY DOG TRAINING LEASH: Our PVC dog leash is soft when holding your leash in, and strong enough when your large dog pulls. It works as a backyard dog leash and for off-leash dog training.

  • OUTDOOR ACTIVITY LEASH: This leash is created by PVC which is waterproof and Odor-proof. Great for hiking, camping, training, backyard, swimming and more.

  • LONG-TERM USE: Our PVC dog leash boasts a flexible substrate core bonded with a waterproof coating. It will not get stiff during extreme cold and will not melt during extreme heat.

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PawFusion™ Long Dog Leash

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality

The leash is very strong, and it is easy to clean, not easy to get dirty