What Should You Pay Attention to When Taking Your Dog Swimming?

Summer is here, and many people prefer to take their dogs to swim. They can exercise and relieve the heat. Naturally, it is the best of both worlds. But you should pay more attention, and don't forget a few precautions when taking your dog swimming!

First of all, everyone should observe and evaluate the environment in the water, such as branches and aquatic plants. If the dog is entangled and cannot escape, it will be dangerous.

The other is the physical strength of dogs, different ages, sizes, breeds, physical strength will be different. Some dogs are easily exhausted in the water, which can put them at risk of drowning.

Unlike humans, dogs cannot evaluate their own physical conditions. They may experience loss of strength and cramps while swimming. At this time, they need the protection of life jackets!

Especially short-nosed dogs and dogs with shorter legs! A life jacket can make their swimming less strenuous.

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