On September 27, 2023, We Received an Email from Carolyn

On September 27, 2023, we received an email from Carolyn, stating that she volunteers at a rescue organization called "Cocos Cupboard" in the outskirts of Atlanta. She mentioned that one of the best things about their nonprofit organization is transforming some rescue dogs into service dogs. They provide dogs free of charge to veterans and first responders. The training is lifelong, and the service personnel do not have to pay any fees. Carolyn inquired if there was any way we could support them. This email arrived just as we were launching our RESCUE & ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, and their goals aligned perfectly with ours. We immediately responded, maintained communication, prepared supplies, and learned about the rescue facility. On October 27, we sent out our first batch of supplies. 


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Suzanne Aaron on 2024,04,25

So grateful!!!!