Khalil’s story learned while working with Coco’s Cupboard, Inc. in October 2023

Last year, mid 2022 a sweet family found their dog was missing from their fenced yard. They checked with local animal control, which was coweta county, and they searched social media for any signs of him. After months, they accepted that they probably never seen him again and assumed the worst. They never knew what happened.
Fast forward to our part of the story in January 2023. One evening someone came in with a dog they found and wanted to leave with us. We explain to them that we're not an intake facility and we cannot legally take an animal that someone has found. We tell them the dog needs to go to animal control so that the owners have a way to find the dog. Later that evening we found that they dumped him inside our fence while we went inside the building. After calling animal control the next morning, we then learn that its our problem now because we had current custody 😞 So, we then send him off to the vet to be neutered and it turns out he was parvo positive. After weeks of treatment, he's finally clear and gets to come to the Coco's schoolhouse to start the socialization process and participate in training.
Now we start to try to find him a home. ( That means he's ready to be posted on social media.) His previous Mommy sees pictures of him and thinks that's what her young pup would've looked like when he got bigger. The more she looked, the more she knew It was her baby. She and her daughter came to Taco Mac when we were at our event last night just to see if it was really him. He remembered them was excited to see them . He remembered who they were! Lots of tears were shed by everyone there.

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